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App Designer Refactoring & Merging

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Christopher McNamara
Christopher McNamara on 13 May 2019
I have a quick question in regards to the ability to merge code/features in App Designer.
At my company, a colleague and I are developing different features of an application using App Designer together. We are working on this in parallel and every time we wish to push a new update, we need to merge our work into a single application.
The general structure of our application consists of a single window with a tab group where the user will progress through their project by selecting different tabs for defining different aspects of the project. Each of us is working on a different set of tabs which is how we are accomplishing building the app in parallel. When it comes time for us to merge our work, we simply copy and paste the tabs into the main application's tab group. This works well for transferring all the UI elements appropriately but it does NOT copy the call backs. This is simply enough to fix by manually copying the call backs into the main application Code View but is clumsy and has become cumbersome as the app has grown.
Is there a way to automatically copy and pase the call backs during this type of merge or a simpler way of accomplishing this?

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