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Camera Pose Estimation from Non-calibrated camera images

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jhz on 20 May 2019
Answered: Qu Cao on 11 Sep 2019
Hello, I want to know if is it possible to estimate camera pose from a set of non-calibrated camera images in matlab? I did try to find in matlab documentation and goolge too, but I couldn't find something useful. All the examples include camera parameters which are obtained by calibrating the camera. Is there a way to find these parameters (intrinsic and extrinsic parameters) without calibrating the camera?
I would be happy to use if there are any built-in functions or guide/example to perform this task. Thank you!

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Qu Cao
Qu Cao on 11 Sep 2019
Unfortunately, currently all the functions used in the Structure-from-Motion workflow require the camera to be calibrated. You can use our Camera Calibration App to calibrate your camera.

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