How programmatically know if an Update is installed for a particular matlab release?

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MathWorks proposes some Updates for a given release.
For instance, (at this time writing) there are 4 proposed Updates for R2018b; and 2 ones for R2019a.
but my question is: does a function such ver or version would explicitely indicate which Update if installed (if any) ?

Accepted Answer

Jan on 22 May 2019
Edited: Jan on 22 May 2019
Yes. See the output of version: (R2019a) Update 2
you get the version number only. But with
the output of version is displayed.
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James Richard
James Richard on 3 May 2020
Could you do it with windows command line?
On cmd,
matlab -help
has the same output as
but not

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adam honse
adam honse on 25 Oct 2020
Maybe this helps.
[ver datestr] = version
ver =
' (R2020b) Update 1'
datestr =
'September 30, 2020'

Jorik Caljouw
Jorik Caljouw on 2 Apr 2021
Another way to get this info is with
vd = version('-description')
If no update is installed you get:
vd =
0×0 empty char array
If an update is installed you get (e.g.):
vd =
'Update 7'

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