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How can I get the mathematical equation of the system constructed by simulink models automatically?

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The simulink models in a dynamic system are simulated in the way of solving the differential or algebraic equations. Is there any commands that can generate the mathematical equations of the dynamic system? For example, when the wind generation system is simulated in simulink, can I get the mathematical eqtuations of the transimission line, induction generator and the AC system?
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Tony Lennon
Tony Lennon on 29 May 2019
Sorry, but Simulink does not work that way. In some cases, you can look within a block to see equations, mainly with the Simscape blocks.
Talia Sari
Talia Sari on 27 Jul 2020
Hello, I am new to Simulink. Could you please tell me how does it work? I already put solver configuration and powergui block, but the state space values are still empty.
Hanyang Dai
Hanyang Dai on 29 Jul 2020
You are almost succee. The desired mathematical equations of the Simulink system can be derived in different ways:
(1) use commands “power_analyze” or “power_statespace” to generate eqs, you can find demos and introductions in the help doc of MATLAB.
(2) use power_gui module to generate eqs, 1) open the “configuration parameters” of power_gui module, 2) set the solver of simulation type as “continuous ”, 3) enable use of ideal switching devices, 4) display circuit differential equations, and finally run the simulation and you will find the eqs in the MATLAB workspace waiting for you.
Tips 1: my current MATLAB version is 2012a, your case may be a little different but worth a shot.
Tips 2: Limitations: The derived eqs are accurate when the dynamic system constructed with SimPowerSystems module is LTI system, otherwise, the result may not be reliable.d, but there are some tips you should procede

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Dino on 30 Mar 2021
There's a tool called simscape2casadi that, though in alpha stage, claims to be able to do what you want. A description can be found in this paper and the code can be found in this git repository. Please note that it requires Simulink Coder to generate C code from your model.


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