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Output of a Function in a graph and table

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Hassan Ghanem
Hassan Ghanem on 27 May 2019
Answered: MSP on 30 May 2019
I have a set of functions that I need to express as a graph as well as show the data in a table in separate figures. How do I go about this? The disp function did not work out nor is using the basic 'table' code since it requires data to already be there. Thank you for your help!
dpb on 30 May 2019
Look at uitable or the text function, perhaps...

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Accepted Answer

MSP on 30 May 2019
Something like that?
I ended up doing it pretty quick just to get the idea to solution since I'm not 100% of what you're wanting. The idea here is to create a figure, use the subplot to plot the graph and use uitable to plot the table..
% Example of a Dataset (Matrix)
ExAr = randi(100,20,8);
% Get size of the screen to make determinate the size of the window
Size = get(0,'ScreenSize');
Mx = Size(3)/2;
My = Size(3)/2;
Fig_left = Mx/2;
Fig_bott = My/4;
Fig_width = Mx;
Fig_height = My/2;
% Create Figure with Postion, Title and resize off
f = figure('Name','Data Plot', 'NumberTitle','off', ...
'Position',[Fig_left Fig_bott Fig_width Fig_height], 'Resize','off');
% Create Table on the left side of the figure
uit = uitable(f,'Data',ExAr,'Position',[1 1 Fig_height (Fig_width/2)]);
% Create Plot on the right side of the figure
s1 = subplot(1,2,2);
If you get the idea behinde it you can change and adapt it for your problem..
Hope it helps!

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