How to modelize a Condenser/Evaporator without a two-phase fluid but with a simple thermal fluid.

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Grégoire DEUMIER
Grégoire DEUMIER on 28 May 2019
Answered: Erin McGarrity on 4 Jun 2021
In the library Simscape (in Simulink) there is a component that modelize a condenser or an evaporator.
There are two inputs: a two-phase fluid and a moist air fluid. The idea is to use the heat of the two-phase fluid two change the moist air state.
Thus my question is: how can I use a condenser with water as the thermal fluid (so not a two-phase flow)...
Do I have to use the two phase flow model? Is there a component that can manage this task?
In fact I am trying to modelize a condenser that would cool the moist air with a simple thermal liquid and now a two-phase liquid.

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