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Sorting a structure using Matlab2018

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I want to sort this structure in descensind order using MATLAB 2018:[7,2,4,1].
I used the following commands but it is still not sorted:
TT = struct2table(pp_1) % convert to tables
gg=sortrows(TT,'cat') % sort
sortedpp_1 = table2struct(gg) % convert the table back to structure.
please, help
Guillaume on 29 May 2019
@Jan, this should go as an answer as I see no way of improving on that with the information given.
@shamsuddeen, there's never any need to convert a structure to anything in order to operate on it. Certainly, converting a structure into a table and back is a complete waste of time for your purpose. In this case, the fact that ten is a structure is completely irrelevant anyway, you're not sorting a structure, but just one field of a scalar structure which is the same as any non-structure variable.

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 29 May 2019 = [7,2,4,1]; = sort(

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Simon Mählkvist
Simon Mählkvist on 29 May 2019
Edited: Simon Mählkvist on 29 May 2019
gives what I think is the sought after results.


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