How to determine a broken connection in a test harness using a matlab script?

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I have a test harness for which interfaces are ever changing. So, I wish to automate the process of creating a test harness through matlab script. A situation occurs when inputs/outputs are removed and added in the model under test, the links are broken in the test harness as shown below in the snapshot.
How can I determine the connectivity between blocks (subsystems in this case)? I tried 'PortConnectivity' but I think it only works for Inports and Outports. As the above diagram shows, what command can help me to get parameters to ensure connectivity of the subsystems?

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Monika Jaskolka
Monika Jaskolka on 4 Feb 2020
The following command will provide a list of line handles that are unconnected in the top-level of the model:
lines = find_system(gcs, 'SearchDepth', 1, 'Findall', 'on', 'Type', 'line', 'Connected', 'off')

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