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Errors after removal of appdata folder

Asked by Andreas Bernatzky on 10 Jun 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Jan
on 11 Jun 2019
Accepted Answer by Jan
I accidentaly removed the Appdatafolder on Windows10. After this Matlab behaves nicely said strange.
I am actually writing on a GUI in AppDesigner and Matlab throws Errors. For example the unique() function isn't working properly and other random stuff. (It worked and there were definitely no changes made in the code). I removed just the Appdatafolder.
Can anyone give me some advice how to handle this problem? Or better reconfigure the AppDatafolder. I really won't rewrite all the code because the errors are mainly with some table and cell problems.
Thanks alot!


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Answer by Jan
on 10 Jun 2019
 Accepted Answer

The question is very vague. "unique() function isn't working properly" doies not contain any detail which would allow to understand, what's going on. "other random stuff" is not clear also.
"I removed just the Appdatafolder" - then please mention, what you call "the Appdatafolder". But actually it does not matter, which folder you mean actually, because the solution will the same in all cases: Restore this folder from your backup. Are you working under Windows? Then the "recent version" will contain the deleted folder.
"I really won't rewrite all the code because the errors are mainly with some table and cell problems." - Why do you think, that any code has to be rewritten? What are "table and cell problems"? What is the relation to the deleted folder?
I'm not sure, if this is a comment or an answer. At least the suggestion to restore the data from the backup is the only way to go. But actually the question is too vague to be answered and maybe this question should be closed until useful details are mentioned.


Hey Jan,
yes sorry the question is kinda vague because I am really confused right now how the problem is caused. I am reinstalling Matlab at the moment because I can not restore the appdata folder.
It seems like my code does not work anymore since the appdatafolder was removed.
I will post an update if i was able to solve problem. If not so I will close the question.
on 11 Jun 2019
Maybe I have a solution for you, which works in seconds, if you only post, which "appdata" folder you mean. If you mean %APPDATA% of the operating system, which is C:\User\YourAccount\AppData\Roaming , you will have more troubles than just problems in Matlab. Or you mean its parent folder ...\AppData\. But then a crash of the computer is more likely than "problems with unique()".
If you mean the folders I've mentioned, re-installing Matlab reduces the chance to be able to restore the contents of the folders from the shadow copies of the operating system. Currently it looks, like you are making the problem worse.
Again: please mention, what you call "the Appdatafolder".
Hey yes,
it was the %APPDATA%-Folder. Just to make sure not getting any Errors in the Future I set up a new OS because I got trouble with some C++ Code too.

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Answer by Andreas Bernatzky on 11 Jun 2019

Reinstallation of Matlab solved the problem. And remember never ever touch the appdata folder on Windows.

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on 11 Jun 2019
As said already, this folder should be recoverable from the "Previous Versions" of Windows. You did enable the File Versions, didn't you?

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