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Mix raster / vector in ps / pdf plots

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Gergely on 27 Aug 2012
Answered: Theo Michelis on 11 Oct 2017
I wish to plot large sets of data, with preserving the editability of texts such as title, axes, etc. Is there a way to "render" the date within the axes while keeping the vectorized version of the texts in the saved ps / pdf file?
The workaround could be to plot the data without any texts to a raster image, read the image back, overlay texts and save again in vector format, which is quite tedious.
Ryan on 27 Aug 2012
This may save you some time if you go about using the tedious method: export_fig
Gergely on 27 Aug 2012
Thanks. I have already been using export_fig when appropriate, although most of the time the built-in print function with a couple of settings is fine for me. Except when I need the external editing on figures that plot gigabytes of data, when obviously I cannot even save a temporary vector ps / pdf file either. Sigh.

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Answers (2)

Oliver Woodford
Oliver Woodford on 20 Sep 2012
I believe exportfig (which is different from export_fig) can export mixed raster & vector pdfs.

Theo Michelis
Theo Michelis on 11 Oct 2017
Old thread but check out the vecrast function.


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