C-like operations

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Enrico Onofri
Enrico Onofri on 5 Jul 2019
Commented: Stephen23 on 8 Jul 2019
I wonder wether Matlab could include a form of arithmetic operations common in C, namely x+=y, x*=y, x/=y etc.
In the piece of code
ctrl = somevar <= someother;
x(ctrl) = -x(ctrl);
indexing takes place twice, while x(ctrl)*= -1; could possibly save some time, unless the optimization of the Matlab interpreter makes this idea obsolete.
Anybody has an answer? Thanks

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Aiswarya Subramanian
Aiswarya Subramanian on 5 Jul 2019
Hello Enrico,
Such operations are not supported by MATLAB. You can go through the post 11 ( Steven Lord's answer ) I have attached below, which says that since MATLAB is array based, such operator would be ambiguous and unintuitive.
Hope it helps :)
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Stephen23 on 8 Jul 2019
Enrico Onofri's "Answer" moved here:
I believe that a scalar operation like v= v*a should be simply v*=a at no risk (v matrix, a scalar). Also V(indices)*=a ; would be better than V(indices)=V(indices)*a. Where is the danger? I’m not convinced! Thanks anyway.

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