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Orthogonal Distance Regression plot and regression equation

Asked by MatLab Code N on 15 Jul 2019
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Accepted Answer by KSSV
I have a dataset, attached herewith for your reference.
I want to plot the orthogonal distance regression line and get y=mx+c equation in the plot.
Thank you!


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Answer by KSSV
on 15 Jul 2019
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In the stackoverflow link, there are Edit 1 and Edit 2 following the section of the code you've used. If I use the edits mentioned in the link, the regression line becomes different. Do you have any idea about it.
YOu use both...calculate the error....which ever gives you less error proceed with that.
What do you mean by that? Shouldn't there be a standard way of calulating the Orthogonal Distance Regression?

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