Undefined function or variable 'gurobi_write'. in MATLAB R2019a?

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Hi there
I wrote codes in MATLAB R2017b with calling "gurobi_write" function and it works nicely, I tried to use "writecell" then I got the error and therefore I updated my MATLAB to R2019a. But after updating I get error of "Undefined function or variable 'gurobi_write'." So, could anyone explain why I get this error? Does it mean MATLAB R2019a and GUROBI can't work together?
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Manikanta Chennu
Manikanta Chennu on 20 Jan 2022
Hi Azam,
can you plz guide me how do i use gurobi_write function in Matlab?
do i have to re write the entire code for it by introducing model?

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Joel Handy
Joel Handy on 18 Jul 2019
Edited: Joel Handy on 18 Jul 2019
I don't know anything about Gurobi, but I do know that in the past, some programs that tie into Matlab need to be installed after matlab since they add things to it. You might need to re-install Gurobi.
However, a quick google search leads me to believe that might be the case and that you simply need to run a script to integrate the two.

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