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How do I save a GeoTIFF using an obsolete EPSG projection code?

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Tiffany Wei
Tiffany Wei on 22 Jul 2019
Commented: Tiffany Wei on 28 Aug 2019
I am trying to convert a NetCDF file into a GeoTIFF, but the only projection code corresponding to the 'CoordRefSysCode' I need (specified for geotiffwrite) is obsolete. The NetCDF file is in equidistant cylindrincal (or equirectangular) projection, and the projection code under Appendix 6 ( is 17.
When I try to use 17, I receive an error message that says: "The 'CoordRefSysCode' parameter must indicate a geographic or projected coordinate reference system."
How do I save the NetCDF file as a GeoTIFF with the proper projection using geotiffwrite?


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Sai Sri Pathuri
Sai Sri Pathuri on 28 Aug 2019
The error may be because of using Coordinate Transformation Code for CoordRefSysCode parameter. According to the tips given in the documentation of geotiffwrite function, the following values can be used for projected coordinate systems.

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Tiffany Wei
Tiffany Wei on 28 Aug 2019
I see, thank you! The projected coordinate systems don't appear to include the equidistant cylindrical projection I need, so I ended up saving the LAT/LON and data from the NetCDF file in MATLAB using ncread and interpolating the LAT/LON grid to that of my target projection. I appreciate your advice!

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