Issue with loading datetime from table

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Sue MM
Sue MM on 23 Jul 2019
Answered: Eric Sofen on 29 Jul 2019
Hi, I have a simple 3 column CSV file with column 1 = names, column 2= address column = dates. I load the CSV using readtable()
Data= readtable(FileMaker.csv);
C = table2cell(data)
Dates = C(:,3)
DateId = datetime(dates)
However I keep getting the error using datetime(639) input data must be numeric array, string array, cell array containing character vectors, or char matrix.
The cell for dates is showing up as a datetime when I look at the workspace but I’m not sure how to overcome the error message. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Sue MM
Sue MM on 23 Jul 2019
Typo in the question meant C(:,3)

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Answers (2)

Eric Sofen
Eric Sofen on 29 Jul 2019
There's no reason to go through cell to pass the datenums into datetime:
Data = readtable(FileMaker.csv);
Dates = datetime(Data.Var3, 'ConvertFrom', 'datenum') % assuming default variable names in the table.

Joel Handy
Joel Handy on 23 Jul 2019
Edited: Joel Handy on 23 Jul 2019
There appears to be two issues with your code. The first is that datetime doesn't take a cell array of numbers so you need to convert the cell array containing datetimes to a numeric array. The second issue is that datetime needs you to explicitly tell it that you are giving it datenums. I think the following code will work for you.
Dates = [C{:,3}];
% OR
Dates = cell2mat(C(:,3));
DateId = datetime(Dates, 'ConvertFrom', 'datenum')


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