Error Message - File is Not Writable (Simulink 2019a)

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When saving a Simulink file (slx or mdl) a message appears "The file "C:\pathname\filename.slx" you are trying to save is not writable. Simulink can attempt to make it writable." After selecting option "Make Writable and Save" an error message appears: "The file C:\pathname\filename.slx" you are trying to save is not writable." The file was originally created in release 2018a and did not have this issue when saving. Similar messages occur when attempting to export back to release 2018a. How can a file be made writable?
Arash Moradi
Arash Moradi on 11 Sep 2020
I have the same problem. I cannot save any simulink file. Once I am trying to save my file, I get the message "the file ... you are trying to save is not writable." After any modification I need to save the file with a new name. Please advise me on this matter.

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Answers (2)

Roy on 2 Aug 2019
Thanks, I am checking on the permissions. However, this is not an issue when running Simulink 2018a that's installed on same machine and accessing files in the same directories...

Christoph Aistleitner
Christoph Aistleitner on 12 Jul 2021
Try to uninstall MatLab and reinstall it directly onto your main hardrive (for me it was C:).
Fixt the problem for me.
Hope this helps...


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