Simulink error: Function 'makedist' not supported for code generation

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Kayla Papuga
Kayla Papuga on 10 Aug 2019
How do I make a triangular distribution in my entity generator in Simulink? The error I get is that 'makedist' is not supported

Answers (1)

Hari Krishna Ravuri
Hari Krishna Ravuri on 13 Aug 2019
I understand that, you are getting an error that makedist is not supported for code generation. Not all built-in functions are supported for code generation. You may find the list of built in functions for which code generation is supported here. There are two workarounds for this problem.
You may try implementing the built-in function in C/C++ or you may find a C/C++ program with the required functionality. Now, you may call the external C/C++ file using coder.ceval().Please refer this for more information regarding coder.ceval()”.
You may declare the built in function as extrinsic using coder.extrinsic()” function. During simulation, the code generator produces the code for the call to an extrinsic function but does not produce the function’s internal code. Please refer this for more information regarding coder.extrinsic()”.

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