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Matlab coder alternative to lsqlin

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Josh Betzer
Josh Betzer on 13 Aug 2019
Edited: Torsten on 13 Aug 2019
I need to run post processing code which is developed in MATLAB on C/C++ env at run-time.
the code which I got from engineer, contains the lsqlin function which AFAIK isn't supported by Matlab coder.
I can't use Matlab compiler to run this code, as it will be too slow execution.
Is there an altrernative to this function which will be compiled on Matlab coder?
the problem description is :
minimize ||Cx - d||^2 with both lower and upper bound on x (lb <= x <= ub)
x is 73 x 1
C is 512 x 73
d is 512 x 1
I don't need all the other input parameters and options/constrains that lsqlin has to offer.
Thanks in advance,


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