How do I resize the row name label width in a uitable (R2018b)?

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Paul Smith
Paul Smith on 13 Aug 2019
Edited: Adam Danz on 19 Aug 2019
Unable to locate the property or process to change the width of the name label column in a uitable. Seems to be locked out/hidden (is only automatically set)?
Paul Smith
Paul Smith on 13 Aug 2019
The name labels are pretty long, so it truncates the names. Yes, agree with you as a work around.

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Answers (1)

Hari Krishna Ravuri
Hari Krishna Ravuri on 19 Aug 2019
You can set the width of a column in the uitable to your desired value. You can specify the ColumnWidth property of a table by a cell array whose values are in pixel units. If you specify column width as ‘auto’, then MATLAB calculates the width of the column automatically using several factors, one of which is the ColumnName property value. If the cell array has fewer values than the number of columns, then the columns with no specified value keep the default value, ‘auto’. Please refer for more information regarding ColumnWidth property.
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 19 Aug 2019
But the OP is asking how to control the width of the row name display which is not a column that is affected by the ColumnWidth property.
Here's a MWE. You'll see that the 3rd row name is cut off.
fh = uifigure();
ut = uitable(fh,'Position',[10,10,500,200]);
ut.Data = magic(3);
ut.RowName = {'LongNameNumberOne','LongNameNumberTwo','SuperRidiculouslyLongNameNumberThree'};

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