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StateFlow Negative in Condition Issue

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Burak Bayram
Burak Bayram on 15 Aug 2019
Commented: Burak Bayram on 20 Aug 2019
Hello everyone,
Earlier I was building a stateflow chart and when I was debugging it I run up into a weird bug. Apparently negation doesn't work(?) in conditions..
So I have this model;
Without negative (~) in front of conditio2 stateflow chart is working pretty well. But when I put negative in front of it, it gives an error and doesn't even say what is the error.
Here you can also find the model attached (using matlab R2015b 64-bit), hope you can make it work with negative!
I think I am missing something here but It's been late for me, hopefully you guys can come up with a solution, thanks to everyone in advance!
Edit : Ah, I mean it doesn't run with "it doesn't work". It just doesn't run, it gives me an error and only says: Error occurred in 'NegationIssue/Chart'. Though when I take the negative off, model runs smoothly.


Burak Bayram
Burak Bayram on 16 Aug 2019
If anyone cares, I found out that my stateflow has some deeper problems with installation or something. Because I sent my chart to a friend and he was able to execute it without problem. I am also having problems about simplest of functions like min max...
Burak Bayram
Burak Bayram on 20 Aug 2019
All right, it seems that my Action Language was : MATLAB , not surprisingly. Surpirsing thing is somehow when I changed it to C language it started to work without any issue.
Also MATLAB language works when I am starting matlab with Admin Rights. All of these make only little sense to me, I don't really know what's going on but I think I can continue with C language..

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Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 19 Aug 2019
One of the possible problems might be a built-in function assert(). Once I have had such problem and removed the wrong-placed assert() and everything started working normal again.

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Burak Bayram
Burak Bayram on 20 Aug 2019
Hi Suleymon,
Thank you for your answer! it is interesting, indeed I have a problem with asser(). Though I don't know what to remove? stateflow chart is there as you can see and it is simple at is can get. If I remove negation of course it'll work but how can this be true way to solve this issue?
If you're talking about some s-functions or codes in the program files, then could you please specify it? or tell me where to look at least?

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