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Cannot load default file for CWT

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Z Liang
Z Liang on 16 Aug 2019
Commented: Star Strider on 16 Aug 2019
I have R2019a with several toolboxes
>> ver
MATLAB Version: (R2019a) Update 1
MATLAB License Number: 621625
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version 10.0 (Build 17134)
Java Version: Java 1.8.0_181-b13 with Oracle Corporation Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM mixed mode
MATLAB Version 9.6 (R2019a)
Simulink Version 9.3 (R2019a)
Bioinformatics Toolbox Version 4.12 (R2019a)
Communications Toolbox Version 7.1 (R2019a)
Computer Vision Toolbox Version 9.0 (R2019a)
Control System Toolbox Version 10.6 (R2019a)
Curve Fitting Toolbox Version 3.5.9 (R2019a)
DSP System Toolbox Version 9.8 (R2019a)
Data Acquisition Toolbox Version 4.0 (R2019a)
Database Toolbox Version 9.1 (R2019a)
Datafeed Toolbox Version 5.8.1 (R2019a)
Deep Learning Toolbox Version 12.1 (R2019a)
Econometrics Toolbox Version 5.2 (R2019a)
Financial Instruments Toolbox Version 2.9 (R2019a)
Financial Toolbox Version 5.13 (R2019a)
Global Optimization Toolbox Version 4.1 (R2019a)
Image Acquisition Toolbox Version 6.0 (R2019a)
Image Processing Toolbox Version 10.4 (R2019a)
Instrument Control Toolbox Version 4.0 (R2019a)
Optimization Toolbox Version 8.3 (R2019a)
Parallel Computing Toolbox Version 7.0 (R2019a)
Signal Processing Toolbox Version 8.2 (R2019a)
SimBiology Version 5.8.2 (R2019a)
Simulink Control Design Version 5.3 (R2019a)
Spreadsheet Link Version 3.4.1 (R2019a)
Stateflow Version 10.0 (R2019a)
Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox Version 11.5 (R2019a)
Symbolic Math Toolbox Version 8.3 (R2019a)
System Identification Toolbox Version 9.10 (R2019a)
I am trying to learn the theory/implementation of wavelet transforms, starting here
I cannot load "quadchirp" because file not found. I tried some other defaul data files such as sunspot.dat and it works. Where is this quadchirp file?


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Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 16 Aug 2019
If you listed the entire result from running the ver function, it seems that you do not have the Wavelet Toolbox.


Z Liang
Z Liang on 16 Aug 2019
Ahh you're right... the linked page said I need signal processing toolbox, but I neglected the actual toolbox for the wavelet... which is what I'm trying to learn
So when I first downloaded Matlab I grabbed all those listed toolboxes expecting to use them at some point. I'm using an institutional license. Do you know how I can go back to add wavelet somehow? I don't have to buy it do I?
Star Strider
Star Strider on 16 Aug 2019
I’m not certain how institutional licenses work, since I never used MATLAB as part of one.
Your best option is to ask the license administrator how to download and install the Wavelet Toolbox.
Wavelets are interesting and quite useful, so you’ll enjoy exploring them!

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