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Dear support,
After instaling the license manager on ubuntu server, and installing matlab client on Redhat server, I could connect to the server but there were some error.
I noticed every call of matab it asks for activation, I insert the license.dat as described in documentation, but on the License manager server i get this error :
... (MLM) UNSUPPORTED: "MATLAB" (PORT_AT_HOST_PLUS ) root@client (No such feature exists. (-5,346)).
Could you please tell me what is the problem?


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Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 12 Sep 2019
MATLAB Parallel Server has a different license (aka "feature") line than MATLAB does. So when you are trying to start a worker, it's looking for a MATLAB Parallel Server license line. When you start MATLAB, it's looking for something else entirely.
So your MATLAB client should be getting a MATLAB license from somewhere. If you had a MATLAB license line in your license file, it would have started.
I'd suggest calling technical support to get the licensing sorted out.


Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 12 Sep 2019
Said another way:
The MATLAB client needs access to MATLAB+Parallel Computing Toolbox licenses.
The MATLAB Parallel Server installation needs access to MATLAB Parallel Server licenses.
Right now your client MATLAB install is attempting to get a license from a license server that (probably) only has MATLAB Parallel Server licenses to give out.
The error is the server saying "I don't have this MATLAB feature listed, so I can't serve a license for it"
Redouane Bouchouirbat
Redouane Bouchouirbat on 16 Sep 2019
Thank you for your answer.
I had the license file with this line :
INCREMENT MATLAB_Distrib_Comp_Engine MLM 41
NOTICE="product=MATLAB Parallel Server"
I installed the license file manager and the client
but when I launch matlab on the client server it could not find the product ("that feature").
So thank you I will contact the support as you suggested.

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