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How to make GUI look similar on different computer's screen?

Asked by duong mai on 13 Oct 2019
Latest activity Commented on by duong mai on 14 Oct 2019
I am using Matlab 2009b, I have programmed an GUI app on the computer A (window 10, monitor resolution 1920x1080). When I run my app on the other computer (window 7, monitor resolution 1366x768), some UI table is resized, the text label is cut off.
After looking on the internet suggestion, I have try to change the unit within guide to both 'normalized' or 'character', but there is no improvement.
My question is that is there any method/calculation to make my app shows good on different computers? and I do not have to modify the size of each UI elements in my guide app just for satisfying the new computer? Because when I change the size of these components, firstly these UI elements can not be seen well on my programmed computer A, secondly it costs me time and if there are other computers with different monitor, then I have to manually modify each elements?


Could you confirm that you are using R2009b and not R2019b ? R2009b did not yet have support for high resolution monitors;
Thanks for your answer. Actually, we are using Matlab 2009b since the runtime library is small in size (~175Mb) and our app is just simple calculation. Choosing this version is for fast performance of the guest's computer (when start up the program), their computer is also not high performance in cpu.
Now I am using high DPI computer to programmed the app, and applying it to the low DPI computer of our customer. I can not have same view in Matlab guide due to screen's difference.
But did you see my Answer below or not?

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Answer by Image Analyst
on 13 Oct 2019
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The best way I've found is to set all the units to normalized, and then have your end user use as close a pixel dimensions as you as possible. Also make sure they use the same magnification (text size) as you. For example if you're using 100% make sure they use 100%, not 125%. That's about as good as you can get but even then it may not be perfect.

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Yes, you are right. Thanks you for your answer, as you said it still does not look prefect.
I just know that my font size (programmed computer) is 125%, and the user is 100%. I have some tests, by adjusting the font size (100%), the I made all the ui elements unit is normalized, except the main windows of each gui (remaining in pixel unit). Then I can see that the ui sizes are almost same between my computer and user computer.
Thanks you, again.

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