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How to publish results from the command window in MATLAB

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I ran a code it took 5 hours to give me results in the command window now I want to print the results from the command window as a pdf whenever I try to click on print then choose microsoftprint to pdf. The output file is not a pdf file!


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Accepted Answer

KALYAN ACHARJYA on 21 Oct 2019
One Way:
You can use diary function to save the all command window file in text form, later do the PDF conversion
diary on
% Your Code
diary off


James Johnson
James Johnson on 19 Dec 2019
(UPDATE: I solved this problem in a 2nd answer below)
This does not preserve formatting so it will produce very ugly results (not fitting the word "publish" in the question). Example:
diary on
diary off
The content of command window looks nice:
However the "diary_file" is awful:
I have yet to find a program (other than matlab) that can display this properly formatted. A tedious work around is to manually display it in the command window and print to pdf. Unfortunately matlab does a poor job of handling line breaks. So if you don't want to wrap lines you have to adjust the font size to avoid cutting off long lines. A user-friendly program allows you to "reduce to printer margins" so that you can avoid laboriously tweaking font settings.

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More Answers (2)

James Johnson
James Johnson on 19 Dec 2019
Edited: James Johnson on 21 Dec 2019
I found a solution that not only preserves formatting it may allow programatic printing of the command window contents by use of a FEX file: "Print with Internet Explorer".
The .m file below works on small scale testing with tables featuring uneven headings. It basically just makes an html file out of the diary file.
Three notes: 1) HTML does not like whitespace characters so I use "&nbsp" which is not ideal. 2) I set the font to monospace without a CSS header, that also may not be ideal. 3) to print the html file to PDF or to paper carefully read Jan's comments and answer here:
diary on
% NOTE: replace the next 4 lines (not including "diary off") with your own code
% example of persnickety command window formatting
diary off
%% NOTE: ALL the following lines could be in a separate file
% open the file to get the content as a string
fid = fopen('diary_file.txt','r');
% adapt to html
f=strrep(f,'\','\\',); % thanks to mahoromax's comment (accomodates windows file paths)
f=strrep(f,' ','&nbsp');
f=['<p style = "font-family:monospace" >',newline,f,newline,'</p>'];
% write the file and view it
winopen('diary_file.html') % windows only?


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James Johnson
James Johnson on 21 Dec 2019
I added that line. There are likely to be other characters that cause trouble. Individuals will have to adapt. I'm happy to update my answer with corrections such as yours.
Stephen Cobeldick
Stephen Cobeldick on 21 Dec 2019
That code will have problems with backslashes and any other fprintf special characters, because of this line where you treat an fprintf format string as a literal string (they are not):
Unless you escape all special characters in your literal string then you will always get some errors or unexpected output characters. However you can avoid all of this very simply by using a simple format string and providing a literal input string (your HTML string), i.e. like this:
Note that this actually resolves the problem at its cause, unlike that very awkward strrep (which is incorrectly commented that this "bug" has something to do with windows file paths... it doesn't, it is due entirely to how fprintf was used with just the format string and would occur for any text in that format string which includes backslashes or other special characters).
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 21 Dec 2019
James, I 100% agree with Stephen. You can go ahead and "update my answer with corrections such as yours."

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Paresh Lalwani
Paresh Lalwani on 3 Oct 2020
what do if my output contain graph & i want both command window output and graph as pdf.
please,help me it is urgent.
when i tried a function publish as pdf it contain only editor window code but i want my command window and graph as pdf.


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