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Add title and axis to subplot

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Yung Xi
Yung Xi on 24 Oct 2019
Edited: Yung Xi on 24 Oct 2019
I have made a subplot (3 row, 1 column) using this code for x between 1 and 50
A = (x);
fplot(A,[1 50])
B = (x);
fplot(B,[1 50])
C = (x);
fplot(C,[1 50])
How do I also add a title f
Adam on 24 Oct 2019
doc title
adds titles to plots, surprisingly enough.
To change linie colour, keep hold of the return argument from the call to fplot and use that. It has a 'Color' property.
dpb on 24 Oct 2019
Same as if you only had one plot for each subplot...just follow the fplot call with the additional calls to customize like title, legend, etc. fplot like plot also accepts a 'linespec' triplet to set color or line style.
See the doc and examples for each...

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Answers (1)

Kagan Eröz
Kagan Eröz on 24 Oct 2019
A = @(x) sin(x);
s(1) = subplot(3,1,1)
fplot(A,[1 50],'g')
B = @(x) cos(x);
s(2) = subplot(3,1,2)
fplot(B,[1 50],'m')
C = @(x) tan(x);
s(3) = subplot(3,1,3)
fplot(C,[1 50])
Titles = {'Top Plot1','Top Plot2','Top Plot3'};
for i=1:max(size(Titles))


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