represent the distance between surface to a pointcloud as Colormap?

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MoHa on 27 Oct 2019
Commented: MoHa on 28 Oct 2019
Hi All,
In order to analyze the deformation of a surface, I would like to monitor this surface (facade of a building) every 2 hours, for example. so I get every 2 hours a point cloud I have to compare with a reference surface. I couldnt find any method or function in matlab to do that.
Any idea to do this?
I would be grateful for a answer, help, ideas or suggestions.
MoHa on 28 Oct 2019
Hi Darova,
Thanks for feedback. I want actually compare two Pointclouds with eachother and represent the Result in a Colormap Figure. like this pic. data2 is reference and triangulated. data1 is compared cloud.
Thanks alotVergleich-M2C-LaborScan.jpg

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