How to check if an (.exe) file is installed or not?

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Hello everyone,
I am using MATLAB R2019b on windows 10.
I am designing a GUI, i need when the user pushes the Start button, MATLAB automatically checks if "FreeFem++" program is installed on the device or not?
i read about the command:
exist launchff++.exe
But it only searches in the current folder where the GUI exists, not on all the device.
And if the program is installed, I don't know its location.
So how can i search for the file everywhere or more importantly in the control panel?
I tried:
exist 'Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features'
but it doesn't work, apparently exist command doesn't have access to search in the control panel.
Thank you in advance.
Wael Wanis
Wael Wanis on 2 Nov 2019
i figured out how to use "system" command to check if the program is installed or not.
Thank you for pointing me towards it.

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Accepted Answer

Hari Krishna Ravuri
Hari Krishna Ravuri on 31 Oct 2019
system is used to execute operating system command and return the output.The function starts a new cmd/shell process, executes the command, exits the process, and returns to the MATLAB process.Please refer for more information regarding system.
In this case,as you are using a Windows10 machine, you may consider executing the below instruction to get the list of installed applications.
system("wmic product get name,version")
Hope this helps!
Noah Kilps
Noah Kilps on 5 Nov 2020
I have a follow up question to this. What if I only want to know if excel is installed? how would
system("wmic product get name,version")
be written differently?

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