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How to mark certain points in my surface or pcolor plot?

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Jun Xiao
Jun Xiao on 2 Nov 2019
Commented: Jun Xiao on 3 Nov 2019
I had the following plot which I need to mark points with specific values in Z=1:
pcolor(xx,yy,Z) and surf(xx,yy,Z).
But when I use the command :
shading interp
hold on
xx = get(lambda1,'xxdata') ;
yy = get(lambda1,'yydata') ;
Z = get(lambda1,'Zdata') ;
ind = Z==1;
text(xx(ind),yy(ind),'Z = 1','fontweight','bold','color','b')
contour(xx,yy,Z,[1 1],'magenta','linewidth',4)
hold off
It doesn't work in marking the points which Z=1. It's there anyone can help me with that problem?
Jun Xiao
Jun Xiao on 3 Nov 2019
I don't know. The error occurs after I add the command which attempt to mark points of the plot after the surface/pcolor command. And matlab has no document of handle.handle/get.

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