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error using sym>convertChar (line1459)

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Yewei Li
Yewei Li on 3 Nov 2019
Commented: Walter Roberson on 6 Nov 2019
holle everyone,
When I used GPTIPS for function fitting, the following problem occurred when I used the code----gppretty(gp,'best')
error using sym>convertChar (line 1459)
Character vectors and strings in the first argument can only specify a variable or number. To evaluate character vectors and strings
representing symbolic expressions, use 'str2sym'.
error using sym>tomupad (line 1225)
S = convertChar(x);
error using sym (line 214)
S.s = tomupad(x);
error using gppretty (line 246)
fullExpr = +*sym(evalTree{1});

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