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Why do I see the error "Something Unexpected Occurred" when installing MathWorks Products?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 5 Apr 2024
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 5 Apr 2024
This is a generic error message displayed when installing MathWorks products. You may see it while you are installing products with the...


MathWorks Products Installer (used to install MATLAB)

1. If you are running the installer from an ISO or from an installation that was setup for offline usage and MATLAB is already installed on the device, make sure that the installer update and MATLAB update that is already installed matches. For example, you will receive this error if you are running the installer for R2022a Update 4, but the version of MATLAB installed is R2022a Update 3. Note this also applies to prerelease versions of MATLAB. 
2. If you are on Windows, you may need to delete the folder where the temporary files are downloaded. Go to the folder where you downloaded the installer and you should see a folder named "_temp_matlab_R20XXx_win64". The Xs represent the version you've downloaded. Delete this folder and then run the installer again.
3. It is possible that your current installation of MATLAB is corrupt, or there are leftover files from a previous installation of the same release of MATLAB. Either manually remove the files from the release folder (such as R2022b) and then try installing to that folder again, or pick a different folder to install to.


Add-On Explorer, while installing toolboxes

This error may be caused by a lack of permissions on the Add-On Explorer installer; the Add-Ons Explorer inherits the permissions of the MATLAB session. To resolve the error, try running MATLAB with elevated permissions and reattempt the installation once more.  
If the issue persists, you may install the toolbox with the MathWorks Installer.  The MathWorks Installer may bypass the issue causing the error message or provide more troubleshooting information on the error if the installation happens to fail again. 
Note: You are not required to reinstall MATLAB when installing additional toolboxes with the MathWorks Installer.
For more information on installing an additional toolbox to an already existing MATLAB installation, please refer to the following article:


Add-On Explorer, while installing support packages

When installing a support package, the error message is typically caused by a connection error, a permissions related issue, or a corrupted installation. 
1. Please attempt to resolve the error by starting MATLAB with elevated privileges to resolve any permissions issues.
2. You may try an offline installation of the support package; an offline installation may bypass any connection errors.  For information on performing an offline installation, please refer to the following article:
3. You may perform a clean installation of the support packages. To do this, follow these steps:
If you are receiving this error when installing any support package in MATLAB R2016b, please refer to the following bug report: 


MathWorks Update Installer

If you are given a specific error code, please search for a MATLAB Answer that contains the error code. Otherwise, please contact MathWorks Support to troubleshoot this issue.


MATLAB Compiler Runtime Installer

1. Please make sure that the download of MATLAB Runtime has completed and was not interfered with during download process.
2. Please make sure that no third-party software (such as antivirus software) is interfering with the installation process. You can ensure this by disabling the third-party software in question during installation.


MATLAB Drive Connector Installer (also used to install the MathWorks Service Host)

Please ensure of the following:
  • The installer is downloaded in permanent storage, such as your user's downloads folder
  • The MathWorks Service Host process is not running
  • You have attempted to reinstall the Service Host
Directions for the last 2 points can be found from the link below.
How do I uninstall and reinstall MathWorks Service Host?

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