Installation problem Release 2019b installer with CentOS 8

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On CentOS 8, all fonts of dialogue of installer of Release 2019b are blanked square, express neither alphabet nor Japanese. I would like to enquire you if this is an ploblem of LANG of

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Samuel Gray
Samuel Gray on 19 Dec 2020
./bin/glnxa64/install_unix_legacy -input_file=./custom_installer_input.txt
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ICHIKAWA, Tetsurou
ICHIKAWA, Tetsurou on 23 Dec 2020
Below are the steps I made java Toolstrip work on CentOS8.
1. Add "fallback" directory under (matlabroot)/sys/java/jre/glnxa64/jre/lib/fonts
2. Add a link for Japanese font of your choice. In my case I added a link to Noto font with commands as below:
cd fallback
ln -s /usr/share/fonts/google-noto-cjk/NotoSansCJK-Regular.ttc NotoSansCJK-Regular.ttc
Then "ls -la" command shows as below:
NotoSansCJK-Regular.ttc -> /usr/share/fonts/google-noto-cjk/NotoSansCJK-Regular.ttc
3. Restart matlab

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