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problem in optimization by MATLAB using genetic algorithm

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the first picture is the fitness equation code
then I checked the function code and it works, after that I write the following codes in a new script called main
and after that i have save this script, but when I write ' main' in the command window it gives me such errors
can any one help please

Accepted Answer

Stephan on 25 Nov 2019
Change myFitness.m to:
function y = myFitness(x)
s = x(1)
z = x(3)
x = x(2)
also change this line your main function to:
[x, fval] = ga(...)
The optimizers in Matlab wil accept all the single optimization variables only as a vector. To pass additional vectors / values to the objective function see passing extra parameters.
BTW: Please post code intstead of pictures of code.
Stephan on 26 Nov 2019
When i run this code it works fine:
%% main function - minimization
clc, clear, close all
FitFcn = @myFitness;
nvars = 3;
[x, fval] = ga(FitFcn,nvars)
%% Fitness function
function y = myFitness(x)
s = x(1);
z = x(3);
x = x(2);
y= -10.40046+(0.355400*s)+(0.544964*x)+(181.61679*z)-(0.002437*s*x)-(0.765260*s*z)-(0.224846*x*z)-(0.000453*(s^2))-(0.006994*(x^2))-(577.65313*(z^2));
ends with:
Optimization terminated: maximum number of generations exceeded.
x =
1.0e+03 *
-0.2452 -0.4133 -2.1707
fval =
The message problably is a result of unconstrained optimization - but it works as it should.

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Philippe Lebel
Philippe Lebel on 25 Nov 2019

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