Running MatLab in Python error

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syntheso on 28 Nov 2019
Commented: syntheso on 1 Dec 2019
I am trying to follow the advice here to execute a custom Matlab function in Python.
Running the following code in Python (Spyder):
import matlab.engine
eng = matlab.engine.start_matlab()
gives me this error:
Warning: Name is nonexistent or not a directory
I can confirm that '/Users/username/Desktop/spiray_array_model/matlab' is indeed a directory.
Is this because I am running from an IDE (Spyder) ? Or am I missing something else?

Answers (1)

Jesus Sanchez
Jesus Sanchez on 28 Nov 2019
Have you tried to delete that "r" that is just before your path?
syntheso on 1 Dec 2019
I'm using Mac, so you don't need to do that. /Users/ is the standard top level you need to go to.

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