Undefined function 'addElement' for input arguments of type 'cell'.

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Alexandra Carvalho
Alexandra Carvalho on 1 Dec 2019
Edited: Jesus Sanchez on 1 Dec 2019
I'm building an app in object oriented programming and I have written a class method who gets all the songs I have stored beforehand and stores them in a bloom filter (and the respective titles in a cell structure aka my hash table). That is my function addElement. My songs are also stored in a cell structure: in the first row, each element is another cell array storing each verse of the song, and the second row stores a cell with the title of the song.
Here's my "data base":
S = importdata('BadLiar.txt','\n');
W = importdata('WhenYou.txt','\n');
songs={S, W;'Bad Liar','When You Look Me in the Eyes'};
When I try to run the addElement method shown below, it says " Undefined function 'addElement' for input arguments of type 'cell' ", even though I have tested it on my command window and it works!
function [bloom, table]=addElement(bloom, table, songs, a,p,b)
% for each song...
for i=1:length(songs(1,:))
% song -> each music
% foe each verse
for v=1:length(song)
% verso -> a verse
% for each verse, map it to k positions in my BF
hC = mod((a .* sum(double(verso)) + b),p) + 1
% populating hashTable
Alexandra Carvalho
Alexandra Carvalho on 1 Dec 2019
Sure! Arguments a and b are arrays of values and p is a prime number. I've explained songs in original question (above).
T= hashTable;
[B, T]=initialize(B,T,m,n); % This works just fine
[B, T]=addElement(B, T, songs, a,p,b);

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Jesus Sanchez
Jesus Sanchez on 1 Dec 2019
Edited: Jesus Sanchez on 1 Dec 2019
Check the value of "verso". If it is not a number, the conversion from cell to double using "double(...)" does not work. This might be the error. Check the example below, where verso{1} is a sentence, and thus matlab throws an error, but verso{4} is a number and it works properly.
v{1} = {'I love it'};
v{2} = {'When you look me at the eyes'};
v{3} = {'But I am colorblind'};
v{4} = {'4'};
% Your code with a number:
verso = v{4}; % The parenthesis that you put are not necessary. The do not change the result.
double(verso) % The answer is 4, type double.
verso = v{1};
double(verso) % The answer is an error "Conversion to double from cell is not possible."
Maybe you want to do something like
instead of

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