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problem with image brain tumor image processing

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Hi everyone, I have to do tumor brain segmentation for this picture. The lesion is located at the upper right of the brain. I'm currently having difficulties in removing the background as the colour of the background is similar to the other parts of the brain too. Can someone help me with the coding? thank you so much
the final outcome should be like this:


May be these steps works:
Histeq>>Edge Detection>>Morpho/blob detection
If this works then the coding implementation is easy, hope you can do that.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 1 Dec 2019
See my skull stripping demo. It does that.
0000 Screenshot.png
0001 Screenshot.png


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redroses on 1 Dec 2019
sorry for the missunderstanding earlier.what i meant is i need to submit my lesion picutre. Thank you so much for helping image analyst. your latest coding is much easier for me to understand as I'm still new in matlab. thank you very much. May god bless you :)
redroses on 2 Dec 2019
i want to ask you a very last question, sorry for asking a lot. Dear image analyst, how did you read "grayImage > 35 & grayImage < 55; " this value from the historam ya?

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