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Display value to gui table

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Atikah Shukor
Atikah Shukor on 11 Dec 2019
Commented: Amit on 17 Dec 2019
I having a problem where im created the gui table. how to put the value inside the table? the value i mean is the result calculation that i made.
the code already calculate the value. i want the result value directly appear at the table. As u can see the value at amplitude, zerocrossing and rising.
Data will run automate which i set for 5 data. I really need help for this. tq


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Answers (1)

Amit on 11 Dec 2019
Arrange the result data in matrix form and set on the table using table handle. If the data is getting calculated in some other callback function then better to make the data variable global and use.


Atikah Shukor
Atikah Shukor on 11 Dec 2019
can i see the code since a bit confuse to arrange result in matrix and set at table handles. why need arrange in matrix but table already made for it?
Amit on 17 Dec 2019
I have attached the screenshot with example code above. The matrix is not necessary if you know the addressing . You can feed the data to table directly addressing the rows and columns of the table. but to minimize the complexity you can accmulate the data in a matrix and feed in one go.

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