Joining 2 tables to make 1 table

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I have 2 tables. I want to join these tables together to make 1 table.
They have the same number of columns.
What code should I use to joint them?
Thank you.
Sarah Yun
Sarah Yun on 14 Dec 2019
Edited: Sarah Yun on 14 Dec 2019
The end of the old table matches the start of the new table.
I just want to join the old and new tables together
The column names are slightly different for the old and new tables - does this matter?

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Accepted Answer

Jesus Sanchez
Jesus Sanchez on 14 Dec 2019
You can unite them as if they were matrixes:
complete_table = [table1 ; table2]; % This should work to join the columns of both tables

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Guillaume on 14 Dec 2019
Sounds like you merely want to vertically concatenate your two tables. The only problem is that they don't have the same variable names, so you'll have to rename the variables of one of them:
table_old.Properties.VariableNames = table_new.Properties.VariableNames; %rename variables in old table. Could do it the other way round
merged = [table_old; table_new]


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