PID function usage in Matlab (real life scenario)

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Hi Guys I wonder if anyone can help please i am new to matlab : I need help with pid function in matlab (C = pid(Kp,Ki,Kd,Tf)) all examples in matlab or on google do not reflect real life output and input, just simulation . The scenario i am working on is to move a robot on the x axis , which means the y coordinates are zero all the time so it stays on straight line , ( I understand the logic, physics and maths of PID) just implementation using matlab I am finding it challenging, but this is part of learning of course )
Desired = u (zero y coordinates so the robot move on x-axis)
Output is measured by a sensor = y (is measured by a sensor and given the y axis coordinates as the robot move)
Error = u-y
All I need is a PID value that is continuous, so i can use it as an input to a velocity function so when PID is up or down it moves the left and right wheels can change velocity and direction for a differential drive robot . So as you see all i need is a PID value as the robot moves.
Thank you

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Rajat Tewari
Rajat Tewari on 8 Jan 2020
Edited: Rajat Tewari on 22 Jan 2020

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