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Ali Nouri
Ali Nouri on 25 Dec 2019
Commented: Mark Sherstan on 27 Dec 2019
Can anyone help me!!!
I want to plot countries including their borders in Europe and then set the color of each country according to a number. Currently I am able to generate a map consisting of about 50 country shape files. Now, I want to change the Facecolor of each shape file according to the value of an eigenvector.
My problem is, how to generate or calculate a colormap, so each number eigenvector correspond to a color (like the colormap jet). Large values would correspond to a darker red, small values to a darker blue etc... How can I do this ?

Accepted Answer

Ali Nouri
Ali Nouri on 27 Dec 2019
yes, butt how can I calculate a new colormap??

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Mark Sherstan
Mark Sherstan on 26 Dec 2019


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