How can I show a certain value in a certain position in the figure?

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I want to a specific value in the figure. I put the black circle and arrow manually through the figure insert option. But How can I set the value now?
I want the x-axes values that are exactly 90% of each CDF curve.
here I am attaching my matlab figure in jpg mode.

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Mark Sherstan
Mark Sherstan on 26 Dec 2019
Here is a quick example. If you do not have an equation you can still solve for the 0.9 value using numerical methods but the key is the text function.
% Some equation
syms x
eq = 0.2*x;
% Solve for x coord
S = vpasolve(eq == 0.9, x)
% Plot
% Add labels
hold on
plot(S, 0.9, 'o')
text(S, 0.9, string(S))
hold off
Mark Sherstan
Mark Sherstan on 29 Dec 2019
I had no problem. You can see the plot that I generated a few posts back.

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