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How to generate s-function block from Autosar SWC ?

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GK on 2 Jan 2020
Commented: GK on 2 Jan 2020
Hello and Thank you,
I am trying to generate s-function block from an Autosar SWC, by right click on SWC -> C/C++ Code -> Generate S-function
But I am getting the following error:
"Configuring a subsystem as an AUTOSAR SW-Component is not supported. Please convert the subsystem to a model and then configure the model as an AUTOSAR SW-Component."
Could you help, if I have to do something else, change configuration setting or create new subsystem ?


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Amit on 2 Jan 2020
The particular subsystem should be configured as AUTOSAR SW component first, and all the IN/OUT ports have to be configured as AUTOSAR ports then you can make it as a separate runnable and can generate s-function.swc1.PNG

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GK on 2 Jan 2020
So I checked my AUTOSAR IO mapping, and all the inports/outports are already mapped.

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