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Simscape Cable Robot Example

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Erina Nesbit
Erina Nesbit on 4 Jan 2020
Answered: Rajat Tewari on 8 Jan 2020
I've got Simscape and Simscape Multibody installed. This model doesn't show up in the example files, and the command sm_cable_robot doesn't work.
Where can I get access to this example?
Thanks in advance!

Answers (1)

Rajat Tewari
Rajat Tewari on 8 Jan 2020
You can run the command
>> which sm_cable_robot
This command will display the location of the model where it is stored.
For me it is
C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2019a\toolbox\physmod\sm\smdemos\cable_robot\sm_cable_robot.slx
Hope this helps.


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