Abort external code process called by Matlab

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I have a c# function called by matlab, which takes long time to process. Also, I need the ability to raise a c# flag (used for aborting the process) from a UI .
So I need to do something like the follow:
% on main file:
% launching the ui with the abort button
% calling the long c# function
% on the guide .m file:
function button_pressed_callback()
The problem is, the "abort" button callback is executed only after the long function finished - which mean I can't abort the process.
what can i do to solve this problem? should i consider another method?

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Andrew Janke
Andrew Janke on 31 Jan 2020
There's no general mechanism for aborting a C# function call. The C# function has to be written specifically to support aborting, and you'll need to call it on a separate worker thread to allow your main thread to do the timeout and then call the abort.
Guillaume on 3 Feb 2020
I'm confused by the question, " I need the ability to raise a c# flag (used for aborting the process) from a UI" really sounds like you want matlab to be the one that send the abort signal to a long running C# code. In that case, as Andrew wrote there is no mechanism for that. Matlab is single threaded and if it has handed control to C#, there's nothing it can do in the meantime.
However, indeed if your C# code spawn a new thread doing the actual processing and returns immediately (using tasks for example), then yes matlab can then continue to do processing and then sets a flag. All the async logical needs to be implemented on the C# side, matlab can't help you with it.

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