Improve quality of Latex equations published to .html with publish()

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Oleg Komarov
Oleg Komarov on 5 Oct 2012
Commented: Andrew Roscoe on 9 Jun 2016

Suppose you have this in a blank .m file:

% I was writing something $x^2+e^{\pi i}$ 

Now, hit the publish button and you will see that the equation comes out blurred. I would like to improve the rendering of the latex expression (not to mention that it is not properly aligned with the text).

Here's a snapshot

I tried to play a bit with the publish() function (see lines 160, 702 and 795) but to no avail and honestly I cannot start rewriting the function for a report that I wanted to finish by today (I guess I will revert to beamer again...until TMW provides readable Latex embedding)

Andrew Roscoe
Andrew Roscoe on 9 Jun 2016
Unfortunately the method used to modify 'FontSize' from 22 to a bigger number in "publish.m" seems to have stopped working, somewhere between R2015a and R2016a. Now I can't make the equations any bigger.. They are too small for students to read on the page.

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Answers (1)

Amro on 3 Feb 2014
the reason it comes out blurred is that publish will first render the text at double-size, capture the image (indirectly calls the undocumented function: hardcopy(figHandle,'-dzbuffer','-r0')), then downsample the result to half the size (a cheap way of doing anti-aliasing). Other post-processing is performed to remove whitespace around the captured text...
The text object is initially created with a FontSize=22 (so the output image has text equivalent to font size 11).
See edit publish>getRenderingFigure for the details.

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