What is the “pdentrp” function in the “pdepe” function?

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Lanfeng Hua
Lanfeng Hua on 11 Jan 2020
Answered: Josh Meyer on 30 Jan 2020
I want to know the specific function and code of the “pdentrp ” function. I searched for “help” and some network resources, but there was no gain. Can anyone help me?

Answers (1)

Josh Meyer
Josh Meyer on 30 Jan 2020
This is an internal, private helper function, so it does not have documentation beyond help text. You can access the file with the command
edit /MATLAB/toolbox/matlab/funfun/private/pdentrp.m
The help text for this function is:
%PDENTRP Interpolation helper function for PDEPE.
% [U,UX] = PDENTRP(M,XL,UL,XR,UR,XOUT) uses solution values UL at XL and UR at XR
% for successive mesh points XL < XR to interpolate the solution values U and
% the partial derivative with respect to x, UX, at arguments XOUT(i) with
% XL <= XOUT(i) <= XR. UL and UR are column vectors. Column i of the output
% arrays U, UX correspond to XOUT(i).


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