Where can I get a samaritan to help me with my code of a Reaction–Diffusion Delayed Neural Networks

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Lanfeng Hua
Lanfeng Hua on 11 Jan 2020
Commented: Josh Meyer on 31 Jan 2020
I want to solve the delay PDE as follows, but I can't complete the code, I can't even find a suitable tool to deal with it.
As far as I know, "ddesd " can only solve ODE with time delay, while "pdepe" can only solve PDE without time delay. Can anyone help me to complete the code, or tell me the right solution ideas and suitable solution tools,appreciate it.

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Josh Meyer
Josh Meyer on 30 Jan 2020
You should be able to use pdepe. Just calculate tau in the pdefun function and pass the delayed time value when you call the subfunction z to calculate that term. pdefun has inputs for x, t, u, and dudx, so tau will be recalculated using the current value of t each time pdepe invokes pdefun.
Josh Meyer
Josh Meyer on 31 Jan 2020
On closer look I agree. I missed that z(x,t) is the function being solved for. If the time delay was only in a call to g(x,t), or some other subfunction, then it could be hacked together.

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