How to extend a curve until x-axis and y-axis

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Hi guys! I've plotted the red curve through a set of data (.txt file of points):
How can I extend the red curve untile axes of cartesian plane ?
Giuseppe on 15 Jan 2020
No, I want to obtain this following one (i.e., I want to plot the green parts):

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Accepted Answer

WalterWhite on 15 Jan 2020
It doesnt seem to happen with interpolation(interp1)...atleast for me. But i've come up with an alternative based on the geometry and i've explained the reason along the code. Hope this helpsuntitled.jpg

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Navya Seelam
Navya Seelam on 15 Jan 2020
You can use interp1 function to interpolate your plot till x=0. There are different methods the function adopts for interpolation. You can choose from these methods to achieve appropriate interpolation. For more details on interp1 go through the link below.

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