Required Linux image / utilitys for IntelSoC custom boards

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Im trying to get the HDL Coder/Embedded Coder Co-Demo "hdlcoder_led_blinking" working with a custom board: DE0-nano-SoC/Atlas SoC.
I added the custom board to Matlab including the Qsys file and I can run the FPGA side, when flashing over JTAG.
On the HPS side I have linux working both with the linux image that came in the box and one i found on the terasic website.
I have COM and SSH connections of the HPS working.
The problems I have are
  1. I can't Flash the FPGA over the HPS. It says it's missing the mw_setboot script.
  2. When flashing the FPGA over JTAG and the HPS over COM/Ethernet the AXI Interface doesnt work.
Both Problems seem to be Linux related,since the HDL side works fine when flashing via JTAG. The "Define Custom Board and Reference Design for Intel SoC Workflow" Guide uses a image provided by terasic for the DE1 board as well, which leads me to believe the Image provided by the embedded coder installation isnt strictly necessary. But since 1.) is missing something, im still wondering if there is a embedded coder linux version which I can build for my device?
(I tried the embedded Coder linux image of one of the demo boards as well, but because they use a different chip it doesnt even boot.)
Im currently using Matlab 2018b
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Accepted Answer

JT Ferrara
JT Ferrara on 23 Jan 2020
Hi Dominique,
The default programming method over the HPS assumes you are using the Mathworks Embedded Coder Linux image. Since there is no Linux image provided for your specific device, and you are using your own Linux image, you will need to provicde your own script for programming the device.
You can integrate your custom programming script using the "CallbackCustomProgrammingMethod", as described here:
This callback function gets executed when you run the Program Target Device task in the HDL Workflow Advisor.
~ J.T.
JT Ferrara
JT Ferrara on 11 Feb 2021
Hi Dominique,
Unfortunately, we do not have documentation on how to manually adapt an arbitrary Linux kernel for use with MathWorks tools (i.e. the HDL Coder/Embedded Coder workflow). There is some automated support to adapt a Linux kernel for use with MathWorks tools from SoC Blockset, which you can see here:
However, I am not certain if this will support your use case with the PreemptRT Kernel.
If you have specific questions regarding this feature, I would recommend reaching out to MathWorks technical support directly:
~ J.T.

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