How to make this plot smoother?

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Ellen De Jonghe
Ellen De Jonghe on 14 Jan 2020
Answered: Ellen De Jonghe on 14 Jan 2020
Hye, I have to replicate the following plots (it's homework).
I have to use fplot and an anonymous function for the left one and plot for the right one.
I made this script:
subplot(1,2,1) %eerste subplot, 1 rij 2 kolommen
f = @(x) sin(5.*x)./x-cos(x./3); %Anonieme functie
fplot(f, [-5,5])%fplot, interval meegeven
title('sin(5t)/t - cos(t/3)')
subplot(1,2,2) %tweede subplot
a = 1/4;
b = 4;
x = linspace(0,4,10^8); %punten tussen 0 en 4
y = (b./x).*exp(-(log(x)./a).^2);
plot(x,y) %Plot met blauwe volle lijn
axis([0, 4, 0, 5])
legend('(a,b) = (1/4,4)', 'Location', 'north')
But my graphs aren't smooth like the example.
How can I make them smoother?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 14 Jan 2020
The results look fine to me when I test, especially if I make the figure size a little bigger than the default.
WalterWhite on 14 Jan 2020
The graphs look excatly like the example when i run your script. I don't see a problem

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Answers (1)

Ellen De Jonghe
Ellen De Jonghe on 14 Jan 2020
It's superweird but when I first plotted it, it wasn't as smooth as if I plot i now...
Sorry guys!


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