how to rotate an image along any axis?

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sidra Rafique
sidra Rafique on 15 Jan 2020
Answered: WalterWhite on 15 Jan 2020
i have a grayscale image , now i want to perform continuous rotations on that image just like to get a simulation effect.
is there any way of doing it.?
i have read in literature that i can do this using imrotate but it is not doing continous rotation. then i have read about azimuth. which is rotation along center point. but it is only showing along 90 degree rotation. i want to rotate my grayscale image in 360 degree rotations.
please help me in doing so.

Answers (1)

WalterWhite on 15 Jan 2020
direction = [0 1 0]; % 3axes, in this case about y
does this work?


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